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Who we are

The International Coalition of Fellowships (ICOF) is an association of independent full-gospel ministers and churches who have come together under a common banner to fulfill the Great Commission. We cooperate with local ministries in serving as a clergy registration bureau, as all applicants must be sponsored by a local church or fellowship before any credential is issued.

If you are a minister or have a calling upon your life and are looking for a fellowship that will allow you the freedom to minister as the Lord leads, as well as a network of fellow servants of like precious faith, then we invite you to make an inquiry toward membership.

What we do

The International Coalition of Fellowships (ICOF) operate as a Church mother body at National level and the accountability organization that unites ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the common mission of preaching the gospel to all nations (Matthew 28:19). The purpose of ICOF is to provide spiritual accountability and discipleship to pastors and teachers, as well as all ministry leaders.

ICOF College of Bishops provide a prayer covering for both church plants and established National Executive committees in Africa. In addition to prayer and discipleship and as part of capacity building ICOF provide free training to men and women called in the ministry through ICOF Colleges Seminary and Universities.

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